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...without straining your back.

Best Ergonomic Garden Tool

The right raised garden bed is the foundation of gardening ergonomically

Made in USA

Our garden beds are made from steel sourced in the United States. We manufacture them right here in Maine


Our garden beds are made to last with the best materials available

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We deliver to your garden
within ~ 100 miles of Portland, ME, including parts of NH and MA

The best raised garden beds

Made in the USA

Ready to take your gardening to new heights and grow an amazing garden? Ergonomic Gardens offers the best raised garden beds on the market, made with top-quality USA sourced steel that provides unmatched durability and longevity. Our beds are taller and stronger than the competition and will keep your dream garden growing strong for decades.

Want to realize the benefits of gardening in the right raised beds? With Ergonomic Gardens’ tall raised garden beds there is no more crawling on the ground or straining your back to tend your plants. No more living with poor soil quality or compacted soil. Garden in raised beds and enjoy the comfort, convenience and ease of Ergonomic Gardens’ tall raised garden beds.

Elevate your gardening experience while growing your own food, improving your mental health, supporting local pollinators and more. With Ergonomic Gardens’ tall raised beds you can grow a raised vegetable garden, a raised flower garden or a raised garden dedicated to herbs or even herbal teas.

Don’t wait any longer to start growing your amazing garden – start today with Ergonomic Gardens!

We serve Maine, Eastern New Hampshire, and North Shore Massachusetts with the best raised garden beds, made in the USA.

We started Ergonomic Gardens, LLC to create the best raised garden bed for the best gardening experience. Learn more on the our story page.

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Let's grow better together.

Chris & Kerry Stetson, Founders

Why Ergonomic Gardens Tall Garden Beds?

  • Ergonomic Gardens’ beds are the tallest garden beds available. The best ergonomic garden tool you can buy
  • Our metal raised beds are the strongest available. We use minimum 24-gauge steel, one of the thickest on the market and our corrugation pattern has the highest structural integrity
  • Long lasting, typically 5x longer than wood. Our materials should last 20-50 years as a metal raised garden bed
  • Albedo, the ability to reflect heat, keeps metal garden beds at an even temperature (not too hot/not too cold)
  • We get started weeks earlier in the spring with our raised beds and frost hardy plants
  • No compacted soil from foot traffic, the aeration from looser soils in raised beds helps roots grow
  • Enables soil quality control/improvement. Your soil has a biome and just like your gut biome, a healthy soil biome is critical to crop health, yields and pest resistance
  • Grow anywhere, our raised beds can be placed on any surface that can safely hold the weight