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Our metal Raised Garden Bed Story

Large metal raised garden beds with trellis. Beans and tomatoes planted. Founders, Chris & Kerry standing in front

Metal raised garden beds

Made in the USA

Ergonomic Gardens, LLC metal raised garden beds were sparked by a need to garden in a way that was easier on our bodies while being productive and enjoyable. We tired of traditional row planting that left us with too much open space and too many weeds. Our garden soil wasn’t ideal, and no amount of soil amendment could change it. We wanted to spend more time enjoying tending our garden and harvesting the fruits of that labor, with less time bent over pulling weeds or tending poor soil.

Then, we found an old idea that changed everything. People grow all sorts of food in difficult situations with limited space, poor soil, and harsh climates by gardening in terraces or large containers – metal raised garden beds. That set us on a path of how to build large metal raised garden beds.

We designed our own tall metal raised garden bed that would enable ergonomic, stand-up gardening, an elevated garden experience.  Best of all: our metal raised garden beds are made in the USA by the two of us, right here in Maine!

Now family, friends, and fellow gardeners are eager to experience the benefits of raised bed gardening in our innovative, Ergonomic Gardens metal raised garden beds. Check out our customer reviews and social media to see for yourself why our ergonomic garden beds are the future of efficient and enjoyable gardening.

Let's grow better together.

Chris & Kerry Stetson, Founders

How it started

Conventional row planting on the ground, with 75% of open wasted space, left us frustrated. We spent years growing weeds, and countless hours removing them. Like many families, our home didn’t come with great dirt. So, we spent years working to improve the fertility of our clay soil, to no avail. We were unable to spend the time needed (and wanted) on our vegetables. There had to be a better way to grow our own food without wasting time and space, combating poor soil and weeds, and saving our backs from constant bending and stooping.

The 'AHA moment'

Then we had that “aha moment”. Our frustration led to research and people in seemingly impossible conditions (poor soil, poor climate, limited space) growing tons of food in stand up gardens using containers and terraces. We were excited! But then found there was no simple, economical, or sustainable way to replicate it, until research led us to recycled water tank gardens. Brilliant, but not readily available.

How it's going...

So we set out to make our own elevated garden. Ergonomic, sustainable, environmentally conscious. Made in the USA (that’s us, just a couple living in Maine).

Then, everyone who heard our story wanted one too. Visit our customer reviews and social media to find out more.