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At Ergonomic Gardens, we take pride in delivering and assembling our raised beds in our customers’ gardens. Our unique elevated garden beds have made gardening easier and more enjoyable for many. With our raised garden beds, you’ll enjoy easy planting, less weeding, and superior plant growth, with minimal bending or crawling. Our products are made from top-quality materials and built to last for years to come. Join our many happy customers who have already discovered the benefits of raised bed gardening with Ergonomic Gardens. As we deliver and assemble our products in your gardens, we meet almost everyone. We stay in touch with many of our customers and encourage them to post to our Facebook page and share the benefits of gardening in raised beds from Ergonomic Gardens. Check out our satisfied customers’ Ergonomic Gardens reviews and see for yourself. Want to add to these reviews? Send us a note!
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Ergonomic Gardens Reviews

what our customers are saying

"To say I love my Ergonomic Gardens would be an understatement. I was able to plant my 3 large gardens (mostly from seed) in about 2 hours. This was a task I used to measure in days on my hands & knees in my former garden. It was SO EASY with no bending over! Also, I have done very little weeding all season. I’ve pulled a stray piece of grass or weed here & there while watering & pruning, but no chores of hours of weeding! My plants did amazing and my carrots & parsnips were better than ever (no hard packed soil for them to fight through). Watering took less time also as there was less loss to runoff. I also love the fact that I don’t have to worry about chemicals leaching from the containers to my plants since there was so much thought & research put into the product design. They are sturdy and it’s clear they will have a LONG life span. I can’t recommend these containers enough!"
-Terri, Cumberland County, Maine
"Our Ergonomic Gardens were such a game changer. It was so much easier to see and reach everything I had planted thanks to the height of the beds. I fit significantly more vegetables per square foot in two Ergonomic Gardens beds than in my existing low raised bed. I also found it much easier to stagger my planting and have veggies and herbs to harvest all season since I could quickly pop seeds or seedlings into the planters without even changing into my gardening clothes! Can't wait to put the planters to work for many, many years to come! "
-Ann, Cumberland County, Maine
"As rookie gardeners we weren’t quite sure what to expect when we purchased two raised beds from Chris and Kerry at Ergonomic Gardens. They personally came to deliver and set them up, and we learned so much in the time they spent with us. Our gardens flourished this summer while others in our neighborhood suffered from the extra wet conditions. We plan to purchase more and keep our garden growing!"
-Erica, Cumberland County, Maine
"There are so many reasons why I am happy with my four Ergonomic Gardens raised beds. A local, family-run business using superior materials and providing installation and top customer service was just what I wanted to find. My raised beds are a great height to work in and squirrels stayed away. It was easy filling them with old logs, sticks and leaves from the woods, and they handled this year’s very rainy growing season with perfect drainage. I know I’m going to want more!
-Lori, Piscataquis County, Maine
"We purchased our ergonomic garden this spring after a couple unsuccessful attempts at gardening in the soil behind our house. The ergonomic garden made us look darn good! We also found Chris and Kerry's tips for layering the logs, compost, and soil within the garden bed really helpful. We had a lot of success growing cherry tomatoes, zucchini, eggplant, and several herbs. We of course aren't professionals yet so we had some lessons learned regarding spacing, sun exposure, etc., but are excited to try it again next year. We found the raised garden bed to be easier to maintain and much more convenient than our previous garden. Additionally, because of the height, we were able to put the garden close to the house and not worry about the dog getting into it. Highly recommend!"
-Taylor, Cumberland County, Maine